March 2015 – In Scotland

In 2015, the French Budding Chefs are going west! From the impressive shores of Loch Fyne to the gorgeous Isle of Mull and with a pit stop in the Trossachs, they will pay a visit to top Scottish producers who keep ethos and sustainability at the heart of their businesses.

The brigade will be back in Edinburgh just before the weekend with their bags full of gastronomic treasures. Check the Events page for details about their pop-up plans!


Loch Fyne Oysters
Clachan, Cairndow, Argyll and Bute
Located on the shore of the impressive Loch Fyne near Cairndow, Loch Fyne Oysters is one of the UK’s largest oyster farms which has sustainably produced high quality oysters and smoked salmon for more than 30 years. The Budding Chefs will explore the farming facilities and most probably taste a few oysters that will have travelled less than a mile to their plate at the Oyster Bar.

Isle of Mull Cheese
Sgriob-ruadhFarm, Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Argyll
The only dairy farm on the Isle of Mull is a traditional, artisanal and family farmhouse called Sgriob-ruadh (the gaelic for “red furrow”). Located in an enclosed valley near the village of Tobermory, Isle of Mull Cheese is holding Friesian, Ayrshire, Jersey and Brown Swiss cows which produce delicious milk that goes directly into the fine cheese making.

Glengorm Estate
Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Argyll
Coming from Brittany, the Budding Chefs very well know ovine and bovine farming. But a great experience is awaiting them as they will finally come face to face with the famous Highland Cattle and black face sheep in a typical Scottish farm. Glengorm Estate is one of the oldest and largest folds on Mull where cattle and sheep are reared on a very extensive and natural system.

Nick Nairn Cook School
Port of Menteith, Stirling
Chef Nick Nairn’s flagship school in the heart of the Trossachs welcome the Budding Chefs for a very special workshop with fish & chips maestro Calum Richardson of the multi-award winning Bay Fish & Chip Shop in Stonehaven.
Known at the man who makes the best fish and chips in the north east, Calum travels to the school to meet the Budding Chefs and teach them how to cook the real perfect fish & chips and share his passion for sustainability and locally-sourced products.

The Ethical Shellfish Company
Aros Mains, Salen, Isle of Mull, Argyll
Once upon a time an adventurer decided to set up a fishing company that would supply the best products from the sea while respecting the seabed and protect marine ecosystem from invasive fishing method. Here could be the story of Guy Grieve and his Ethical Shellfish Company. Our brigade will explore Mull’s seashore with one of Scotland’s favourite scallop divers.  

Cooking workshops in Schools
Prestonpans Primary
& James Gillespie’s High School

The Budding Chefs are meeting P6 pupils from Prestonpans Primary (East Lothian) and S3 pupils from James Gillespie’s High School (Edinburgh) for two cooking workshops organised in association with Scottish Business in the Community / Food for Thought Programme : a national food education programme developed in partnership with Scottish Government and Education Scotland. The primary pupils will learn how to make blueberry and lemon friends while the older ones will do herb crusted lamb. A particularly enriching exercise for both the French brigade and the Scottish children!