October 2013 – Brittany

Selected for their talent and their enthusiasm to broaden their gastronomic horizons, the Scottish Budding Chefs are highly skilled and motivated youngsters just starting their careers in some of the best restaurants of Edinburgh.

Roisin Kelly and Aidan Gibson work with Martin Wishart in his Edinburgh and Loch Lomond restaurants, Craig McKenzie is part of The Kitchin’s team, Aaron Jones and Alexander Stewart are at the Galvin brothers’ restaurants The Pompadour and Brasserie de Luxe, Grant Mercer is with the Contini family at Centotre and finally James Goullee is from L’Escargot Bleu. 

Invited by the Lycée hôtelier de Dinard, the mentor of the French Budding Chefs in Scotland Mark Greenaway completes the group.


March 2013 – Scotland

The 12 French students participating in the exchange programme come from the Lycée hôtelier de Dinard (Britanny). They are tutored by 2 cooking teachers – Antoine Davy and Fabrice Le Bret – and by an English lecturer – Elisabeth Botrel.

The French Budding chefs are: Justin Auvray, Gladys Battault, Justine Beaugendre, Benjamin Berthelot, Chloé Caresmel, Manon Coupé, Océane Marteau, Léo Nicolas, Damien Nogues, Benoit Perrier, Agathe Quidelleur and Corentin Quiquet.