The Budding Chefs exchange programme has been initiated to develop the gastronomic connections between French and Scottish budding chefs and showcase the best of both larders.

Since the 1st edition in March 2011, the Budding Chefs have received the support of established chefs, restaurateurs and professionals from the Scottish and French Food & Drinks industry. Tom Kitchin, Martin Wishart, Roy Brett, Dominic Jack, Carina and Victor Contini, Mark Greenaway, Craig Sandle and many more opened their kitchens to the young chefs in Scotland. 2014 marked a turning point in the development of the Budding Chefs in Scotland as the ‘Talking Food’ series was added to the programme of public events in addition to the popular Pop-Up restaurant.

Since 2011, almost 50 French Budding Chefs had a chance to undertake a tour of Scotland’s larder. In November 2014, the third brigade of Scottish Budding Chefs travel to France, stopping in Paris for the first time before heading to Brittany.

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